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Thailand gives Free Vasectomies on its King's Birthday

The United States of America has two kings, Martin Luther King and Elvis, we could pick one or both of their birthdays and maybe head out of our recession with a Free Vasectomy Day just like Thailand. They are advocates for curbing the population growth by promoting birth control.

The U.S. is up against religious groups who encourage procreation and attack non-profits like Planned Parenthood.

Families like the Duggars with their 19 children and Jon and Kate Plus 8 are rewarded for having lots of children and have become media sensations.

We are running out of time to make a change on how we treat our planet. Population is another detrimental element that is tied directly to pollution and global warming which is threatening our ecosystem.

Procreate responsibly with the earth and all it's inhabitants in mind. There are already too many children who are homeless or in Foster Care to let this abuse continue any longer.


It's time to demand a change in our reproductive health care policies.